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"Saving Our Forests"

Winner for 2012

CGIFF Winner Columbia Gorge
Film Festival

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"Saving Our Forests"
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"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them."

- Albert Einstein

Rancher with Horse and Cowdog

Saving Our Forests was made to help raise awareness about the serious problems facing our Ponderosa pine forests. We hope watching it will not only make you more aware of the issues, but will also inspire you to join us in helping usher in a new era in forest management. One that will restore Ponderosa pine forests, protect watersheds and wildlife, and revitalize rural timber and ranching economies.

Let your voice be heard. Participate in forest planning and tell your elected officials we need active management to bring back historical landscapes and livelihoods before we lose these forests altogether.

"Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities" video

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Our Forests, Our Solutions: How Climate Change Affects Forests

Climate change means changes for the nation's forests.
This introductory video describes some of the changes that are occurring
and that are expected as the planet warms.

Presenter: The Climate Change Resource Center

Pines in snow